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Our services for Senior Experts

Our services for Senior Experts

Anyone who "goes into retirement" after a successful active working life is usually confronted with the question of whether or not his/her energy and potential can really be absorbed by travel, sports or social activities and family obligations. Many think it sensible to continue to maintain close connections with their professional environment and to actively contribute their experience.

This is the starting point for INGENIUS. We know how unique you are and the great use you can be. INGENIUS brings together the needs of companies for highly qualified specialists with their own desire to remain active professionally.

The Time Factor

By offering project work we make your experience look very attractive to many companies. We give you the opportunity to make a contribution to a project, where you can make your competence available for a defined period of time.

Mutual Use

You profit from being active in an area where you feel at home. In turn, companies that use your competence profit directly from "Proven Experience" over a defined period of time.

Your uniqueness

Your know-how and your personal experience are unique. We would like to become fully acquainted with you in order to win you over for appropriate projects commensurate with your motivation and your availability, your mobility and your career ideas.

Ingenius Senior Experts

Which Senior Experts is INGENIUS looking for?

INGENIUS offers retired specialists and managers a perspective that is adapted to their individual life situations, opens up attractive opportunities for development and is suitably remunerated.

The offer of project work over a defined period of time is directed first and foremost at experts with a natural science or engineering background, but also at technically inclined business people and lawyers, including:

Development engineers, project engineers, lead engineers, technical project leaders, business project leaders, project managers, laboratory supervisors, R & D directors, production and assembly managers, lead technologists, technology managers, process managers, quality managers, technical purchasers, delivery managers, claim and contract managers, site managers, logistics experts, proposal managers, business development managers, marketing and sales managers of technical products, plants or services.

Your experience should have been primarily in the following sectors:

Plant construction, engine construction, shipbuilding, electrical engineering, automotive engineering, aerospace engineering, energy economics, chemistry.

Ingenius Senior Experts

Five steps to cooperation with INGENIUS


You contact INGENIUS by telephone or email.


An INGENIUS advisor contacts you personally to become familiar with your expertise and motivation. At the same time he clarifies how often you would like to be engaged and how to integrate your geographic mobility.


We regularly compare your stipulations with project queries from our corporate customers and take up contact with you again as soon as we can suggest a suitable project offer to you.


If the project offer and the conditions appeal to you, we make contact with the company offering the project and arrange for a personal meeting.


As soon as you and the company have agreed upon a starting date, INGENIUS takes care of all the contractual matters as the agent. Your participation in the project can begin.